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Keyboard Keys : Menu

W = move up , S = move down, K = enter / Start.

Keyboard keys : In-Game

- A= move left, D = move right, S = crouch, J = jump, K = fire/kill.

We play as a woman, Leah, in her mid-twenties who is injured from battle and inside a hospital, lying in a bed. As the doctors discuss your worsening condition, your eyes close, and you pass away.We awaken in what seems like familiar surroundings, but something is not the same. We feel fine, we are able to stand.

We are greeted by the Oracle, Teo. She explains that the world we have awoken in is the world of the Elders, and the Ancients. This is a Gateway world, which lies betwixt the physical and ethereal. She explains that the Elders have lived there since before time and they became separated from the corporal worlds eons ago. Then they made the ancients, to do their bidding in the worlds betwixt after they became disconnected. No one from the corporeal world has ever passed into their world, and the Oracle believes that this is a sign.

Leah doesn't care for the oracles words, but wants to get back to her life and spend her days with her family, the Oracle seeing an opportunity for both being able to achieve their goals explains about an ancient artefact…Long ago the Elders made an artefact, Kvas, which allowed people to live out their wishes. It is housed here, in this world, as the Ancients were granted knowledge of its use. Because of their own greed and avarice, the elders were also cursed to never be able to hold the artefact.

The oracle believes that Leah is a human who had an elder soul trapped in her body and that explains why she must have been able to manifest here. Somehow having some semblance of her human life in this world must be an Omen. Maybe she will be able to take the artefact and use it to wish for a release to this dying, cursed world.

(You will learn this through the tutorial level in the guise of dialogue boxes throughout the tutorial level which will also explain the games basic mechanics so you are ready for the adventure).You are given a spear with which you can defend yourself from the hideous creatures that have plagued the world since it began to lose its essence.

Leah must fight her way through enemies on her quest to retrieve the Kvas, and return to the ones she loves.When Leah finally finds the Kvas, Teo explains that she must now use it to travel to the cause of the blight and end their worlds torment, Leah uses the artefact and arrives back in the hospital room where she battles a demonic force hovering over her bed. Once defeated, it is revealed that she was possessed by the demon god that cursed the

Elders world. Now she had killed him, her body would now die. Her eyes close and she once again wakes up at the end.


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New bug fix :- player now spawning in level 3 again.

healthbar decreases depending on hp.

vid of the game